About Us

About us
Founded in 1944, Foo Hang Jewellery Limited was one of the first companies to import diamonds directly from Israel and South Africa. We have since been widely recognized as a premier jewellery wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.

Our mission is to offer jewellery and gemstones of finest quality at fair prices, while providing excellent service to clients from all over the world.

The Showroom

Our headquarters is located in the prime area of Causeway Bay where we entertain the city’s most exclusive clients at our state of the art showroom, showcasing our fine jewellery collections, and where our in-house designers offer “Bespoke” service to clients. Our professional and experienced sales team also supply some of the most renowned retailers in the region both in loose diamonds and finished jewellery.

Our group also operates an additional retail outlet in Eternity Diamond & Jewellery Limited, a manufacturing and export company in Eternity Manufacturing Limited as well as JewelCAD, a computer-aided 3D design and prototype manufacturing Software for the jewellery industry.
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Our History

An industry veteran for over 80 years, Foo Hang Jewellery commands great respect and reputation among its peers, and we take much pride in maintaining the tradition, values, as well as standards set forth by our founders. We are also privileged to be serving many of our clients into the thirds and fourth generations.

In 1959, our chairman, Mr. K C Lo (盧家驄), a keen philanthropist, proposed and helped establish The Diamond Importers Association, which became the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong in the year 2000. His immense contribution towards international commerce in general and the diamond trade in particular, as well as charitable giving to various worthy causes with an emphasis on education and medicine, has won him and the company countless awards, recognition, doctorates and fellowships over the years.

Since the retirement of our chairman Mr. K C Lo (盧家驄) in 2014, our company has been managed by the family’s second generation, namely Mr. Peter Lo (盧伯韶), Mr. Ken Lo (盧仲輝), Mr. Colin Lo (盧楚鏘) and Mr. Patrick Lo (盧永康). The four also make up the group’s Board of Directors.

Foo Hang Jewellery Limited is a founding and voting member of the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong where our Managing Director, Mr. Ken Lo (盧仲輝) is the incumbent Vice-Chairman. He is also the President of the Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association, having served as Chairman from 2016-2020. In addition, Mr. Lo serves on the Jewellery Advisory and Fair Organising Committees of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.